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Spacious, furnished or unfurnished 145 SF office with full‐height windows on one side. Share suite with 2 other providers. Large, comfortable reception room. Call lights. Private hallway separates reception from offices. Private back door; unlocked restrooms adjacent. Wifi, printer, fax, utilities included. Kitchenette. Full or part time. $350 monthly per day/week use, 2 days/week minimum.Also available: Small (80 SF) furnished office also available part-time for full and half days, $195 monthly per day/week.366 San Miguel Drive, Newport Beach is a small low-rise building behind the Big Edwards cinema by Fashion Island. Easy access and free, convenient parking.Contact: Jennifer Johnson, M.D., [email protected] or (949) 856-2701. [Posted November 13, 2019; expires January 13, 2020, 2:00 p.m.]

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