Grassroots Advocacy

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The Orange County Psychiatric Society, along with other California APA District Branches (DB’s) recently transformed the way we do advocacy in California. In a combined effort in 2021, we created the California State Association of Psychiatrists (CSAP). This is a grassroots organization working to ensure the voice of psychiatrists and their patients are heard in Sacramento. This is very important because you can make a difference in influencing policy and laws in California related to mental illness, substance use and health care.

CSAP hit the ground running in 2021 and created a strong platform for the DB’s and all interested members to participate.  You can participate as little or as much time and effort as you’d like. Your voice is important, and your perspective is greatly appreciated.

To learn more about the Association, check out: CSAP (

To get involved, reach out to:

Other ways to stay active in California advocacy:

  • You can stay up to date with CSAP activities by keeping a lookout for the weekly email newsletter written by our lead lobbyist Paul Yoder.
  • You can participate in OCPS Government Affairs committee
  • You can advise us of your specialty and agree to serve on expert panel if your expertise is needed.
  • Become familiar with the basic legislative process for how a bill becomes law in California.

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