OCPS Executive Council 2016-2018

Michelle Park, M.D. read bioCouncilor

Yujuan Choy, M.D. read bio President
 Robert Bota, M.D. read bio Secretary
David Safani, M.D. read bio Treasurer
Brenda Jensen, M.D. read bio Immediate Past President
Roula Creighton, M.D. read bio Councilor
Douglas G. Kahn, M.D. read bio Councilor
Co-Chair, Investment Committee
Vandai Le, M.D. read bio Councilor
Deena McRae, M.D. read bio Councilor
Carolyn Nguyen, M.D. read bio Councilor
Thomas Okamoto, M.D. read bio Councilor
Nicolaas-John van Nieuwenhuysen, M.D. read bio Councilor
Richard Granese, M.D. read bio APA Assembly Representative
Brian Masser, M.D.read bio Early Career Psychiatrist Representative
Shyna Yin, M.D.read bio Co-Resident/Fellow Representative
Evita Rocha, M.D. read bio Co-Resident/Fellow Representative
 Jeffrey Glass, M.D.read bio Federal Legislative Representative
Brenda Jensen, M.D. read bio APA Assembly Deputy Representative
 Barton J. Blinder, M.D.read bio APA Assembly Deputy Representative, Senior Council Advisor
 Nancy Novak read bio Executive Director

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AMA urges physicians to contact Senators

Jul 26, 2017
From the AMA Yesterday afternoon Senate leadership overcame the first legislative hurdle in their attempt to pass potentially devastating health care legislation.  With the motion to proceed vote

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Physicians: Oppose repeal legislation!

Jul 21, 2017
From the AMA Despite overwhelming grassroots pressure, the U.S. Senate continues to flirt with health care legislation that could have disastrous consequences. The latest plan being considered, the

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APA Urges Members To Contact Their Senators

Jun 21, 2017
From APA Headlines: APA Urges Members To Contact Their Senators To Voice Opposition To Health Reform Bill. Psychiatric News (6/20) reports that members of the American Psychiatric Association “are urged to

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