Psychiatrists: Help support legislation, easily!

By Anthony Kassir


From the APA:

An out-of-date law (42 CFR Part 2) prevents physicians and other health care providers from sharing substance use disorder records within a patient's medical record. This prevents individuals with SUD from receiving the best possible coordinated health care and it further stigmatizes addiction by not treating it like all other illnesses. Tell your lawmakers to support legislation that removes this barrier to coordinated care.

The American Psychiatric Association is working in coalition with over 40 health care stakeholders to better align this out-of-date law with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Our goal is to ensure the law provides strong patient protections while also allowing addiction records to be appropriately shared. Our coalition has declared a day of action and is calling on health care providers to write or call their federal lawmakers. Join us to ensure that lawmakers hear from psychiatrists today! We've made it easy for you to help:

  • Write your lawmakers: Our online tool lets you send pre-written emails to your lawmakers
  • Call your lawmakers: Simply enter your zip code and our tool will provide you with talking points and your lawmakers' phone numbers.

The opioid crisis in America is destroying families and impacting entire communities. Tell your lawmakers to support this simple fix!



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